Fall 2017 - A Message from the Director

Dear all,

As the Fall semester is about to commence, I would like to take this moment to welcome all new students and faculty, as well as returning students, faculty and staff. Our Fall Reception has been scheduled to September 8 (Friday), 3:30 pm, and we look forward to seeing you there.

The events that occurred in Charlottesville during the weekend of August 11/12 were horrific, and have been the focus for national and international discussions. As I marched together with thousands of students, faculty, and residents of Charlottesville during the “Take Back the Lawn” event last Wednesday evening, amidst our outrage and sense of shattered security, I regained an affirmation of what the majority of our community believe in, namely, that we are a community that embraces diversity, tolerance, openness, and non-violence. In the coming year, partnering with several Centers on grounds and under the leadership of the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures, we will organize a series of forums that address relevant topics—please stay tuned. 

The Center continues to host two vibrant lecture series: the East Asian Center Speaker Series and the Nelson Lectures on Southeast Asia (please see below). The Center Faulty Forum, one in fall and one in spring, will feature the interdisciplinary work of our faculty. 

Looking ahead to Spring 2018, the Center will also co-sponsor the “Gendering the Garden” conference and the “Miraculous/Sacred Images in Western and Eastern Traditions” workshop. We look forward to your participation in these events, and have a great semester!

Dorothy Wong
Director of East Asia Center
Art Department
August 21, 2017


Upcoming events:


Nelson Lectures on Southeast Asia

9/12 – Anne Blackburn

“Making Buddhist Kingdoms Across the Indian Ocean”


10/4 – Trian Nguyen

“A Study of Portrait Images of Temples Patrons in the Vietnamese Buddhist Tradition”


10/19 – Ruth Barnes

“Indian Textiles from the Lands Below the Winds: Trades with Southeast Asia”


EAC Speaker Series

9/27 – Holly Hayley

“Epistolary Intimacy in the Love Letters of a Buddhist Tantric Couple”


10/6 – Harry Harding, Shiqiao Li, and Ellen Zhang

East Asia Center Faculty Forum


10/13 – Carlos Rojas

“Killing Time: Anticipating and Commemorating the Hong Kong Handover”


10/19 – Ian Johnson

“China's Religious Revival”


10/20 – Nicole Willock 

“Lineages of the Literary: Religious Repertoires and the Cultural Revolution”


10/24 – China Town Hall Webcast with Susan Rice


10/27 – Brandon Dotson

“A Strange Gift and its Stranger Beneficiaries: 1,650 Sutras Copied for the Tibetan Emperor Conserved in the Stein Collection of the British Library”


11/3 – Johnathon Best

“Empress Jingū's Magical Conquest of Korea: A Legend of Multiple Uses”


11/16 – Francois Jullien



11/17 – Francois Jullien, Scott Lash, Shiqiao Li

Roundtable Discussion