East Asia Center Faculty Forums

Fall 2020 Faculty Forum

Rick Carew presents "The Great Firewall: How China Divided the Global Internet"

Charles Laughlin presents "Hand in Hand (2011): Art and Politics in Taiwanese Documentary Film."



Spring 2020 Faculty Forum

Philip B.K. Potter - "China's War on Terrorism"

Howard Epstein - "Environment of the Tibetan Plateau"

Fall 2019 Faculty Forum

John Shepherd - "The 1918 Influenza Pandemic in China and East Asia: Did it Originate in China?"


Spring 2019 Faculty Forum

Andrew Johnson - "Learning from Heritage Practice in China: Tourisim, Authenticity, and Deep History"
Yingyao Wang - "The Subnational Logic of China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment?


Fall 2018 Forum

Manuel Lerdau - "Not All Green is Good: Plantation Forests in a Changing World"
Esther Lorenz - "Hong Kong: Corporeal City"
Brantly Womack - "Rethinking Global Social Sciences"


Fall 2017 Forum

Harry Harding - "The US and China, from Partners to Competitors"
Charles Laughlin - "The Dynamics of Desire in Chinese Revolutionary Naratives"
Ellen Zhang - "Practicing Filial Piety in Northern Song China"