Other Recordings

"Minxin Xiangtong ⺠心相通 and People-to-People (P2P) Relations along the New Silk Roads" with Sophia Kidd, Sichuan University

Part of UVA's "Assessment of China's Belt & Road Initiative" Project.

March 12, 2021


"An American International Lawyer Considers China’s Belt & Road" with David Day

Part of UVA's "Assessment of China's Belt & Road Initiative" Project.

February 25, 2021


"The Geopolitics of International Trade in Southeast Asia" by Kerem Cosar

Part of UVA's "Assessment of China's Belt & Road Initiative" Project.

September 18, 2020


Perspectives from South Korea: A Conversation with Ambassador Lee Soo-Hyuck

September 16, 2020


Assessing the Politics and Economics of China's Belt and Road Initiative: A Workshop at the University of Virginia

November 15, 2019

Rush Doshi (Brookings Institute): "The Role of Belt and Road Initiative in China's Foreign Policy"



Harry Harding (University Professor, Batten School) "The American Strategy of Promoting Development Around the World"



Francois de Soyres (Federal Reserve Board of Governors, International Finance Division): "Common Transport Infrastructure: Estimates from the Belt and Road Initiative"



Complementing and Competing Visions of China's Belt and Road Initiative: A Conference at the University of Virginia

March 2, 2019


Brantly Womack (UVA): "China and the Re-Centering of Africa"



Xiao Ren (Fudan University): "The Belt and Road Initiative: What Is It?"



Harry Harding (UVA): "More Competing than Complementary: American Assessments of China's Belt and Road Initiative"



Shawn Lyons (UVA): "Fanfare and Dismay: China's Belt and Road Initiative throughout Uzbek Media"



John Echeverri-Gent (UVA): "Development Boon or Trojan Horse? The BRI in South Asia: The View from India​"



Ching Kwan Lee (UCLA): "The Specter of Global China: Politics, Labor and Foreign Investment in Africa"



Yoon Jung Park (SAIS, Johns Hopkins University): "Chinese Migrants in Africa: Grassroots Encounters between Africa and China in the BRI Era"



Eric Tagliacozzo (Cornell): "The Long Path to One Belt One Road: History and Environment in Sino-Southeast Asia, 600-1600 CE"



Howard Epstein (UVA): "Big Earth Data for Environment Change within the Belt and Road Region"; Concluding Remarks: Krishan Kumar (UVA), Joseph C. Miller (UVA)




November 17, 2017
Panel Discussion with François Jullien, Scott Lash, and Shiqiao Li


Jim Lambiasi, Class of 1990
Traces of History: Exploring around Hiroshima

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