The Nelson Lectures on Southeast Asia

November 11, 2021

James J. Fox, Australian National University

Perceptions from Below the Winds and Beyond: Reconsidering Southeast Asia Within the Indo-Pacific

February 26, 2021

Hugh R. Clark, Ursinus College

What Do Historians Mean When They Say "China"?



November 15, 2019

Jonathan Padwe, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa

Pol Pot's War on Diversity: "Mastery," Ideology and Ecology in Khmer Rouge Cambodia




Erin Swails, TerraCarbon LLC
"Indonesian Peatlands: Climate Delimma or Solution?"

Ben Tran, Vanderbilt University
"Air Conditioned Socialism: The Atmospheres of Revolution and Globalization in Lê Minh Khuê's Fiction"

Cynthia Mackie, US Forest Service
"Land, Culture, and Politics: The Challenges of Slowing Deforestation in Southeast Asia"

Alexandra Kaloyanides, University of North Carolina, Charlote
"New Buddhist Movements in Burma's Konbaung Dynasty"

Thi Bui, Graphic Artist
Bao Phi, Spoken Word Artist
"Being Asian in America"

Fred Damon, University of Virginia
"Chinese Astronomical Systems in the South Pacific? Conforming Earth to Heaven Through the Reaches of the Austronesian World"


Ruth Barnes, Yale University
"Textiles for the Lands below the Winds: The Trade with South-East Asia"

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Trian Nguyen, Bates College
"Paid to Remember: A Study of Portrait Images of Temples' Patrons in the Vietnamese Buddhist Tradition"