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tibet collection

The University of Virginia Library, Global Affairs, and Office of Engagement are proud to present an exciting virtual panel highlighting the University of Virginia's East Asian and Tibetan Collections with Ambassador Stephen D. Mull, Vice Provost for Global Affairs.

Join them for an exploration of the University's extensive East Asian and Tibetan Collections, primarily housed within the University of Virginia Library. In addition to its 79,000 monographs (approx. 120,000 volumes) in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, the UVA Library holds a sizeable collection of non-print resources, such as videos and music recordings, and East Asian art. The Tibetan Collection is one of the most complete in the world, consisting of about 3,300 volumes of the original pecha (books of mostly unbound single sheets), and 25,000 text titles.

Each panelist will speak briefly on their area of expertise, including details on the Weinstein Collection of scholarly books on Buddhism and Asian arts, and the recently acquired Guanhailou Collection of rare and traditional East Asian editions, followed by an opportunity for questions.

Monday, February 13 | 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. ET

University of Virginia Panelists:

Veronica Fu
East Asian Collections Librarian

Brenda Gunn
Associate University Librarian for Special Collections and Preservation
Nawang Thokmey
Librarian for Tibetan, Buddhist, and Contemplative Studies

Wei Wang
Librarian for East Asian Studies


Event registration is available here.